Thursday, Nov 26 2020

Today year 4, 5 & 6 began with afternoon tea, which was pasta bake. We love this! Everyone had lots to eat.

Then, we continued on with our Christmas Wars! We’ve been so excited to do the third challenge. This time we played the card game called ‘spoons,’ except with candy canes! We replaced all of the spoons that should have been in the middle with mint flavored candy canes to make it a bit christmasy. First, everyone sat in a circle. Then as people began to get out, the tension rose in the room. Who was going to win? The girls or the boys? The very last round was a siblings rivalry. Abby & Edward played a round of ‘candy cane’ like they never have before, as they competed to win challenge 3. Abigail won, so the 5 points went to the girls! Now the score is at: girls, 9.5 & boys, 4.5. Stayed tuned to see who wins the competition! We ended the day with some Christmas crafts & colouring in snowmen & Santa.

We had an awesome time competing, laughing & learning about good sportsmanship in the year 4, 5 & 6 room today.

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