Thursday the 11th of February, Kindergarten and Year 1

Fitness, craft and a run around in the gym were on the agenda for K/1 today.

We started our day with afternoon tea which consisted of a beef and rice dish or a vegetarian alternative.

As we finished we heard the sound of a whistle three times, our cue for a fire drill so we left our things, grabbed hold of our rope and moved quickly and quietly to our assembly point. Over the week we’ve learned our fire procedures well and finished the drill efficiently.

We timed our return well as when we walked in the door our fitness teacher came to collect anyone who wanted to go to class. In an encouraging display of enthusiasm all but three of us went!

Those of us that remained started the days activity. We made use of the crayons as we outlined our hand with the shade that best matched our skin tone. We went on to fill in the hand and cut out the outline. As our fitness friends returned they also completed the activity for the purpose of creating a circle of our hands to put on the wall as a monument to our inclusiveness.

By the time we wrapped up our activity we were ready to head back to the gym. We spent some time on the climbing tower and playing with the basketballs before our inevitable jump on the trampoline.

By the time we needed to go back to the room there was a mere two of us left to play some games while awaiting pickup.

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