Thursday the 13th of May, Year 2-3

Today was super awesome! We began the afternoon having another sweet treat, following our s’mores day yesterday. There was two options, coconut cake or apple crumble! Everyone got to have custard with our desert as well. Then we quickly moved to our afternoon craft, which was our survival kits. One side of the survival kit said ‘needs’ and the other side said ‘wants.’ Each child had to draw at least five things they would need on a camping trip and five things they would want on a camping trip. We had some very creative ideas come out of this craft! Grace wrote about how she would bring fancy clothes if she could and Om wants to bring his Nintendo. Riley wrote about how he wants to bring a Toyota and Ava drew a teddy bear.

For the rest of the afternoon, we engaged in some more fun activities! Ava drew glitter makeup on her friends faces and Devan laughed so hard that he shed a tear (see pictures!). Most of the boys played fooseball and the girls played restaurant. The kiddies even joined us for some fun at 5:15.

While the kids were playing, Miss. Amber & Miss. Kaylah worked on our teachers assistant job list today, which we are very excited about as a class. Next week we will begin our teachers assistant program!

See you tomorrow!

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