Thursday the 18th of March, Year 2-3

Today we had quite the adventure! We spent a lot of time listening to & watching the rain because the fire alarm went off. of course we made the best of it because our class is very resilient. To pass time, we played murder winks. Shrihaan was the winker & he did a great job! Jacob eventually figured out it was him though.

Then we ate afternoon tea together which was very good. It was beef, couscous & vegetables. Due to the time, we decided to have free play for the rest of afternoon. The boys all got to go to soccer with Mr. David, some of us went to guitar with Mr. Cam & a few went to fitness in the gym. Everyone who didn’t go to a class finished up their flags from yesterday’s Harmony Day activity.

We are looking forward to tomorrow because it’s Friday, but even more so because of the Harmony Day Celebration we will have with all of the classes tomorrow! Happy Thursday ❤️

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