Thursday the 1st of April, Year 2-3

Today was the best day of the week for many reasons! We began with a presentation from Mr. Ben about Jesus and the reason behind why we celebrate Easter. The presentation involved the chickens Then we had an even better Easter egg hunt than we had on Tuesday. There were so many eggs all over the gym and everyone could find up to 2 big eggs and 5 small eggs. It was so exciting! After the egg hunt we went to our classrooms to enjoy hot cross buns, chocolate and fruit flavored. The chocolate was definitely the most popular hot cross bun. We continued the afternoon with some Easter crafts, like a Easter story pinwheel. Those who weren’t participating in craft had free play, went to guitar or karate. To end the afternoon we played on the trampoline with Miss. Grace, Miss. Kaylah and Mr. Cameron!

We are very much looking forward to the long weekend and celebrating Easter with our families. We hope you have a great break! See you in vacation care ❤️

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