Thursday the 22nd of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today in k-1 we had a blast! Between our yummy afternoon tea, fun ANZAC activities and today’s fire drill, it was an eventful day!

We started the afternoon by lining up in the gym, where we spoke about ANZAC day, and got to eat the yummy biscuits we made yesterday afternoon! We then went and washed our hands and took our usual seats for afternoon tea. Eli and Abi were massive helps in handing out plates and carrying food! Today we enjoyed some fruit, and some awesome rice and beef stroganoff.

After afternoon tea we had some free play, where we enjoyed doing ANZAC find a words, colouring and a maze. However, our fun was interrupted by Miss Amber and her fire drill whistle! We abandoned our craft momentarily to head out the back door. Our speed is improving all the time!

Afterwards we had some free play, cleaned up and headed to the gym before returning to our classroom. Another great day well spent in the K-1 classroom!

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