Thursday the 22nd of April, Year Two and Three

Year Two and Three had a very busy afternoon today with lots of fun ANZAC worksheets, finger painting poppies, badge making and even a practice fire drill!

For afternoon tea we had fruit followed by beef stroganoff. Once everyone was finished we packed our plates away and moved down onto the green mat for a group discussion of this afternoons plan. We started off with ANZAC worksheets which included colouring in, find a words, crack the code and spot the difference. Everyone was really excited to work with their friends for the find a word and crack the code, and through working as a team everyone completed their tricky worksheets, great job! We then moved on to some finger painting poppies. After our paint shirts were on we used a cotton tip and green paint to create the stalk, and then it was time for us to get a little messy. We dipped our finger into the black paint to create the centre of the poppy and then all the other four fingers to create the lovely red petals. Our paintings turned out amazing and we cannot wait to put them up on show.

We then heard the whistle blow three times in a row, which means fire evacuation! We paused what we were doing and followed the instructions from our teacher. We made our way down to the park, called out the roll to make sure everyone was here then we made our way safely back to The Island.

As we made it back into the classroom most of us continued with painting or worksheets, some of us made our way down to the floor to play with LEGO while the rest of us started creating badges! We had help from Oliver who showed us how to make the badges, it was really cool!

It was then time to grab our bags and make our way downstairs to relax until we go home.

See you tomorrow!

Due to COVID there will be no dawn service this year like usual. Take the time to check out to see how you can participate this ANZAC Day!

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