Thursday the 25th of Feb, Year Two and Three

Today Year Two and Three spent lots of time building towers...with eachother inside! We had quite a relaxing day today, which started off with a delicious creamy pasta for afternoon tea. We then moved straight down the mat for a group discussion about what the play was today before we moved onto our activity choices for today. Ava, Riley and Luana began to play with the magnet blocks building around eachother and it was so fun that Jacob, Sathwik and Mahit joined in too! Everyone got to be inside the building and the best part....knock it all down!!! Devan and Kabier made heaps of awesome paper crafts like airplanes, snowflakes and a huge chatter box. The rest of the class did some drawing or played on the fooseball table! We then spent some time on the trampoline jumping around with Mr Cameron.

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