Thursday the 25th of March, 2021

Today kindy and year 1 had a different kind of day because Miss. Kaylah came in to fill in for Mr. David so that he could teach soccer. After we ate our yummy ham & cheese sandwiches, we did a craft! In celebration of Easter coming up, we drew and colour our very own Easter eggs. The best part was that we added lots of glitter to every egg and so they were all shining. Half of us took the eggs home and everyone else left them on display in the room. Parents, make sure to check out our glittery eggs on the craft table! We hope you like them.

When we were done with our Easter egg craft, we all played with puppets and the sharks in the orbi pool with Miss. Emily. All the others went to soccer class with Mr. David, which they were super excited about. Then together with those who did not go to soccer, we played some rounds of hide and go seek. Laura won every time! To finish off the afternoon, we did some more coloring and building houses with the logs.

We had a great, creative and active day in the kindy and year 1 classroom. Friday, here we come!

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