Thursday the 26th of March, Year Two and Three

Today in the Year Two and Three we created some cute buzzy bees! We enjoyed our delicious fruit before digging into our ham, cheese & salad sandwiches.

Just after we had finished afternoon tea Mr David came up to collect everyone for their soccer class, and only 5 of us were left! We took advantage of having a small class and decided to get creative. While on the theme of being kind, we decided as a group we could draw our own buzzy bee and beautiful garden to create “Bee Kind” posters. Serrinah made the most beautiful garden for her buzzy bee with lots of other little bees too! Om drew a beautiful bright yellow bee and it looks so awesome. While we were drawing and colouring we took a few dance breaks to boogie to our favourite songs, and Ava gave us an amazing performance to her favourite Moana song too!

We then played a few games of among us in the classroom before Mr Cameron took us down to jump on the trampoline until it was time to head home.

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