Thursday the 29th of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Kindy and year 1 enjoyed going to class and having some free play today.

As usual we began our day with fresh fruit and afternoon tea. When we were finished we all grabbed our drink bottles and headed to the gym.

When we made it to the soccer room, those of us that participate in soccer class got together and grabbed a ball. The rest of us did gymnastics on the soft grass or played on the basketball court.

When class was over we returned to the room for some free play. Those of us inclined towards construction made our way to the increasingly popular lego box. Elsewhere the Anzac inspired magnetic dirt and toy soldiers also drew plenty of attention. Finally as always our creative contingent made for the tables and grabbed their design equipment to produce some art.

As we finished our activities we opened the after 5 room. We enjoyed playing some games as we waited for our parents to arrive.

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