Thursday the 4th of March, Year Two and Three

Today Year Two and Three had a really great day dancing, building and having fun! For afternoon tea today we tried meatball and chicken meatballs with a red sauce, and they were delicious!

We then moved to the green mat for a group talk about how everyone’s day was. Shrihaan told us all about the cross country he ran at school and how well he did! Most of the class was then called to attend their academy classes and only two children were left in class. Ava, Grace and Miss Amber decided to turn on the speaker and have a dance party! We danced around the classroom to our favourite songs and had so much fun! Slowly everyone returned back to the classroom and either joined in on our dance party, or played twister!

As it got later in the afternoon it was time to pack up the classroom ready for another awesome day tomorrow at the Island!

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