Thursday the 6th of May, Kindergarten and Year One

This afternoon in the Kindy & Year One classroom we got super busy painting beautiful flowers for our mums and grandmothers.

For afternoon tea we had our fruit plates followed by pizza, our favourite! We then jumped straight into the activity by colouring in our flower vases. We all had very unique patterns and colours, and we loved using the new glitter markers. Haylee and Myra drew a love heart in the middle of their vase and they looked so cute. We then began painting the flower stems, and of course our colourful flowers. Sofia used every paint colour for her flowers and her painting was bright and beautiful. Hana and Kiara both added a big rainbow to their background to make the flowers pop! Krishna and Abi both used feathers instead of painting flowers on their paper, awesome idea!!!

The rest of the class had an awesome afternoon going between academy classes or playing with LEGO and creating some pretty awesome trucks.

See you tomorrow!

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