Tuesday 17th, November 2020

Today we had a very active and sweaty day! We played some games in the soccer field and had a short fun game of basketball.

In the soccer room we played a game called Grounders. The children had to get on a dot before the blindfolded child shouted “GROUNDERS”. Robert got the most people out the fastest! Aditi was so close to wining every round!

We also played Bullrush! The

children had to run to the other side before they got tipped. Aiden

was the fastest and won! Eddie was fast at tipping everyone with his team! Sophie was a good team player and helped tip everyone!

Then we went to the basketball court and had a quick and short game. It boys vs girls and Miss Liza helped the girls team! Abby shot the first point. Sophie was the best passer on the girls team! Eddie and Wesley worked well to shoot two points against the girls! Aarnv was a good sport supporting his team! Aidan was good at being open for his team.

We then winded down by going back into the room for some free play!

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