Tuesday 17th of November

Today was a day of exploration for Kindy and Year 1. Our explorers were greeted with a significantly different looking room complete with a plant and bug corner, a racing car mat and a returning favourite in the chefs kitchen complete with gourmet ingredients.

After afternoon tea we were unleashed on the room for a bit of free play. First to the kitchen for a tea party complete with chef Dev’s cooking was Sammy, Serrinah and Kyra. I’m told everyone thoroughly enjoyed their tea and refreshments.

The boys gravitated towards the LEGO box. Advin made an awesome aircraft all on his own! Meanwhile a cohort of Ryan, Tevin and Ravi were hard at work on a joint construction project, complete with a crane.

Meanwhile Sammy told us about the awards she picked up at school today and proudly showed us the photos her teacher took.

It was all hands on deck in the medical department as patient kiara was treated for a broken leg by doctor abrianna.

We did some more of our Christmas coloring in as we anticipate the holiday season.

Finally, we shed any excess energy with a jump on the trampoline.

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