Tuesday 24th Of November

Today year two was once again joined by year one students Grace, Serrinah, Sammi and Luke for a wonderful afternoon.

We started the afternoon with the very anticipated Skateboarding lessons, Ajay came back with a smile on his face and very happy he got to play with Justin in year 3. Anika and Joubin then attended Piano lessons in the music rooms. They learnt how to play the jingle bells! Luke schewebel and Luke Lynch battled it out in a awesome game of Chess while Grace , Sammi , Serrinah and Miss Alana made our every own snow globes! They look magical, make sure you check them out!

Joubin, Ajay, Serrinah and Sammi ended the afternoon playing the lego while Neil and Riley played a few games of checkers.

Overall Today was a very productive day , everyone played lovely and created some great Christmas crafts.

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