Tuesday December 1st, 2020

Today on a hot day we enjoyed and relaxed in our room to remain cool! We had an epic match of handball, we did crafts, and re- organised the room!

Wesley and Oliver decided to be intellectual young men and read books! They went through the world records and interesting facts book! Wesley learned a lot of what can happen to people.

We had back to back games of handball! The children enjoy handball right now and are learning how to respectfully have competition as well as work together! Aidan, Eddie, Ethan, and Robert were the pros and were in so many rounds! They seem like they have been practicing! While the handball game went on some of the children played foosball!

Aditi was a brilliant helper and helped Miss Liza reorganise some of the room! Aditi is always willing to give an extra hand!

Evie and Sophie practiced doing resumes and did craft! They experimented with glue and how quickly it can dry!

All in all we had a fun day!

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