Tuesday the 11th of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon in the Year Two and Three room we created and decorated the most beautiful ‘thinking of you cards.’

Before we made our way upstairs Ava, Kianna and Luana all put some sparkly glitter on their face so they could turn into mermaids!! So pretty!

For afternoon tea we had our normal plates of fruit followed by cheese pizza, we loved it!!! We then made our way down onto the green mat & listened to Miss Amber’s story as to why we are creating these cards. We got straight to work, using all the colourful paper, textas and glitter we could find in the classroom. As a class we decided it would be fun and challenging to make it a card creating competition. Each card was unique and amazing in their own way, but in the end the winners were Lexie, Om, Shrihaan & Riley! Congratulations and great work!! Everyone wrote the most beautiful and touching messages on their card, followed by some amazing illustrations. We then folded our cards up, decorated the envelope and now our cards are ready to be sent off.

After moving onto some free play in the classroom Miss Amber took us out in small groups onto the balcony to measure our lettuce. All of our lettuce have grown, which is great. Some of our plants are growing at rapid speed whereas others and slowly taking their time. Abriannas plant has grown from 9cm to 18cm in one week, crazy!!!

After the classroom was packed away and ready for another big afternoon tomorrow, we head downstairs to play in the gym until it was time to make our way into the K-1 room and play until we head home.

See you tomorrow!

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