Tuesday the 13th of April, The Adventurers (year 4-6)

Today began with a very long gym session, playing fun group games that we all enjoy. We ran around & got some of our energy out. This kept us calm most of the day & everything went smooth. After group games we ate our morning tea. Then we hopped on the bus to turbo climb! During our 40 minute drive to Bankstown, we listened & sang along to our favorite music. It was a blast!

Once we arrived at Turbo Climb, we began climbing right away. We had the whole place to ourselves! There were bean stalks we could climb up, skyscrapers to walk on, rope ladders to explore on and much much more. There was nearly 20 different rock walls we could climb up as well and we raced our friends to the top. We all faced our fears and climbed to the highest heights possible! Everyone felt a bit more comfortable this time because we came past vacation care. It was a great excercise for all of us, so our legs and arms were sore afterwards. When we were all worn out, we sat down to eat our lunch and relax before heading back to The Island.

In the afternoon we got to play on the jumping castle for a long time. We also played bubble soccer and really enjoyed that. Miss. Kaylah and Miss. Liza even joined the teams to battle against each other! It was very funny and we laugh a lot. Later we had afternoon, which was chicken nuggets, and we relaxed. Many of us were very tired and worn out... nearly ready for a nap! Together we watched the new Netflix movie Yes Day. It is so silly and we loved it!

To finish the afternoon we jumped on the trampoline and played some a Mario Bros. We all are looking forward to our next adventure tomorrow. See you then! 😊

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