Tuesday the 16th of February 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

We kicked off our theme for the term today!

We walked in from washing our hands to our regular fruit and a fan favourite cheese pizza. Yielding universal acclaim, I also received a number of requests for information so that parents could recreate the deliciousness at home.

As we finished eating a number of us went to our yoga class for the first time today! An encouraging amount of us were willing to give it a go.

For the rest of us it was an exciting day activity wise. We started our terms theme - under the sea! Today we focused on getting acclimated with the topic in general. The kids were very attentive to discussion and I was already impressed with the depth of our existing knowledge. We especially seem engaged with unique or otherwise interesting fun facts. Our craft today was introductory, with everyone being given a blank piece of paper and being directed to draw what came to mind when they heard ‘under the sea’. This facilitated our sought after diversity in approach, allowing creative expression to thrive.

Isla drew a nice sunrise over the water, the simplicity of which accentuated the detail and care she applied to her artwork. Kavin focused on his favourite sea animals dishing up a shark and a blue whale. Kiara, Myra, Annika and Kaden all drew their interpretation of an ocean scene including all manner of boats animals and plants.

As we finished our craft we began gravitating to our new magnetic sand play equipment. Almost everyone had a turn over the afternoon gathering, building, smashing and mashing the sand having fun and making plenty of mess.

Elsewhere Ryan and Dev were having a great time building a rocket with our new magnetic building equipment.

Before long it was time to rotate to the gym to burn any excess energy. We enjoyed a long turn on the trampoline and a game of cricket for those waiting in line.

Finally, we returned to the room right on 6 o’clock for a wind-down play as the last of us were picked up.

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