Tuesday the 16th of February, Year 2 - 3

Today we created some 3D Dinos! We enjoyed fruit and cheese pizza for afternoon tea today, and we loved the pizza. Once our tables were clean and bellies were full we moved onto the world map for a run through of today’s activities! Today our activity was to colour in, cut out and fold a T-Rex to create a 3D paper dinosaur! Evie gave her dinosaur pink coloured nails, so cute! Grace created a brown and green dinosaur and it looks so great, the colours and patterns are very unique! Ajay and Luke caught up on yesterday’s activity of the rainbow scratch paper so their dinosaurs could join Jurassic mountain! The rest of us played with LEGO and played a few games of fooseball. Once our dinos were finished and we were ready to move we cleaned everything up and Mr Cam took us downstairs for some time on the slide & trampoline.

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