Tuesday the 16th of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

We enjoyed going to classes and catching up on our activities in kindy and year 1 today.

We walked in from washing our hands to the delicious smell of fruit and our chicken and sausage dish afternoon tea. Whilst this wasn’t our favourite afternoon tea from this term I’m happy to report once again that almost all of us gave it (or the vegetarian alternative) a try.

Tuesday’s are very much a day for our academy classes as after we pack up afternoon tea we all make a move to either robotics, guitar or yoga. The kids enjoy the change of pace as they continue to learn and develop skills in new environments and with different teachers.

When we all filtered back into the room 45 minutes later it was time to turn our attention to the craft table. Here we’ve been accumulating a pile of half finished work that today we intended to return to. Much of the table was filled with last weeks colourful crabs and so that’s where most of our effort was dedicated. Hayley, Katrina and Annika were our most dedicated artists, completing their nicely decorated body and arms before cutting them out and sticking them together. We also discovered the invisible ink pen which demanded immediate attention. We enjoyed experimenting which what we could write and how big we could write it while still remaining legible under the UV light.

Elsewhere Ryan dedicated his afternoon to the animals boards and lego construction. He created a raised platform where a diverse variety of creatures could parade around.

Late in the afternoon we made the decision to head to the gym. As it often is our priority was to have a jump on the trampoline. The kids enjoyed bouncing around and doing tricks for the camera. Before long it was time to go, we collected our shoes and headed inside to await our parents.

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