Tuesday the 18th of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon upstairs in year Two and Three we learnt about fishing and made a super cute fish craft.

For afternoon tea we had our fruit plates alongside some delicious chicken with orange sauce pasta, definitely a contender against pizza for our class favourite. Once our plates were packed away we head straight to the floor to have a group discussion about our activity for the day. We started off by telling the class some activities we love to do while camping. Nicholas loves to play torch hide and seek when he’s camping with his family and Om loves to dance. Miss Amber told us her favourite activity to do while camping is fishing, and then explained how fishing is a handy skill to have while out camping, it provides food and it’s also pretty fun.

We then got straight into our craft, creating our very own fish to put up on display. Some of us decided to use glitter pens and regular textas to decorate their fish whereas the rest of us used coloured sand! The sand was so fun to create with as we were able to mix colours together to get the perfect patterns we were after.

We cut them out, put them up on display and they look amazing. Don’t forget to check them out, we are all super proud!

The rest of our afternoon was spent in the soccer room playing an all time favourite Island game, survival tag!

See you tomorrow!

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