Tuesday the 1st of June, Year Two and Three

This afternoon was a very exciting afternoon for all of us at the Island, our friends from beyond the beanstalk came back for another visit, this time for Aquaponics.

For afternoon tea this afternoon we had our fruit plates followed by an unexpected Island favourite, tuna bake! We then packed our plates away and had a little bit of spare time to play before lining up for our activity. Once Miss Katie came upstairs to collect us, we lined up at the door very eager for the rest of our afternoon. Once we arrived in the guitar room we said a huge hello to our friends from the Beyond The Beanstalk, our friends in Kindergarten and Year One and then we all got straight into it.

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. We were lucky enough to watch the tank get assembled, and some of us even got to help put it together. We listened very carefully as to how the tank works, and how our new pet yabbies are very important towards growing our plants. The healthy bacteria from our yabbies waste helps grow our plants, somewhat like a fertiliser. We all now have the very exciting job of naming our pets too! Once everyone got to meet our pets and take a close look at the tank, we said a huge thank you and goodbye and made our way back to our classroom.

We spent some time in our classroom playing with the magnets, hanging out in the tent and of course, dancing around to our favourite songs until it was time to head home.

See you tomorrow!

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