Tuesday the 20th of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

We welcomed everyone back for another exciting term at the island today in kindy and year 1.

After enjoying a plate of fruit we served today’s afternoon tea consisting of meatballs with sauce and rice (or a vegetarian alternative).

To begin this term we’re taking a week to focus on the upcoming Anzac Day with activities over the next couple of days that develop the kids understanding and appreciation for the soldiers that put themselves in harms way to protect us. As such, for today’s activity we made cards thanking our soldiers for their service. We all received a card and some slices of coloured paper to design a picture of a solider on the front which we accentuated with some dots of black paint.

As a secondary activity for those waiting to make a card, we brought out our magnetic dirt and solider box which the kids had fun messing around with. The boys set up mini conflicts and pretended to be the Australian army while the girls constructed an impressive battlefield by moulding the magnetic dirt into rocks, debris and fortifications.

As the day wound to a close we played some games and pretended to make phone calls from our restaurant to fill in the time before our parents picked us up.

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