Tuesday the 20th of April, Year Two and Three

Welcome to Term Two at The Island OOSH! This week our classroom focus will be on ANZAC Day, which falls on Sunday the 25th of April. Today’s activity was creating thank you cards that will be sent to the ADF ( Australian Defence Force )!

For afternoon tea we had delicious fruit followed by chicken meatballs with rice, beans with teriyaki sauce. As soon as we finished our afternoon tea we packed our plates away and made our way down to the green mat to begin our activity.

We began our activity with a brief rundown on how to create the cards. Miss Katie cut out lots of faces, arms and legs, torsos and boots so we could make our own soldiers to decorate our card! We then watched a short informational video explaining the story of ANZAC. The video explained to us all about ANZAC Day, and why we are writing beautiful thank you cards. We then moved up to our tables and began gluing all of our pieces together, and then using a cotton tip and black paint to create a camouflage uniform. We wrote our lovely message on the inside and signed our names at the bottom, and they all turned out amazing!

After all of our cards were complete and looking amazing some of us moved on to our academy classes while the children left in the classroom spent some time drawing, playing fooseball or creating a mansion using the magnetic blocks!

Towards the end of the afternoon we packed up our toys, tidied up the classroom and made our way downstairs to hang out in the K-1 room until it was time to go home.

See you tomorrow!

Due to COVID there will be no dawn service this year like usual. Take the time to check out https://lightupthedawn.com.au/ to see how you can participate this ANZAC Day!

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