Tuesday the 23rd of Feb, Year 2 and 3

Today year two and three created our very own glitter dinosaurs, and they look amazing! For afternoon tea we tried something very new, mango & coconut curry. Although some of us weren’t the biggest fan, we all tried a little bit and for that we are proud of ourselves! To begin our activity we cut our paper plates in half and began to paint on our glitter. Serrinah and Luana created really pretty purple & blue dinosaurs, whereas Jonah and Aanika made beautiful bright yellow dinos! We then used spare paper to cut our spikes, our dinos head and tail to make it all come together. They turned out awesome and they look very nice up in our classroom. The rest of the class read a few books, then moved onto a fooseball championship! Once we were ready to move downstairs we packed up the classroom, grabbed our bags and made our way into the gym to play with the rest of our friends at the Island until it was time to head home!

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