Tuesday the 23rd of February 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today kindergarten and year one went to class before playing with our new orbeez ocean!

The afternoon began in typical fashion as we dished out fruit and today’s mango or coconut curry.

Tuesday is shaping up to be our busiest day. Never was this as evident as today where the vast majority of us went to yoga, skateboarding or a new class starting for the first time today, robotics! Those of us that remained hung out with the preps enjoying the chance to free play with new toys in a different environment.

As we returned to our room with smiles plastered on our faces, we walked into a new activity that drew attention immediately. In light of our ‘under the sea’ theme a kids pool filled with small slippery balls called orbeez and a variety of ocean creatures has been installed. The kids really enjoy the unique sensory experience it offers, both through touch and sight as they explore concepts like variable depth and translucency in a very hands on way. It was unsurprising to see everyone have at least one turn with many of us coming back more than once.

Meanwhile as we waited we freeplayed. Myra, Haylee and Amyra gravitated towards drawing as they often do producing admirable works of art. Dev, Krishiv and Krishna used the wooden train tracks and forest environment creatively to tell imaginative stories. Melissa occupied herself with the lego blocks innovating with her technological creations.

As we were intent with going to the gym, we packed away our toys and made our way to the trampoline. As luck would have it the other classes were finishing up allowing us an extended turn running climbing and bouncing.

We returned to the room in time for 6 o’clock awaiting our parents arrival.

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