Tuesday the 23rd of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we completed our turtle craft before enjoying a run around in the gym.

We were very excited when we found out todays afternoon tea was butter chicken. We raced through the process of putting our bags in lockers, washing our hands and eating our fruit in anticipation. This included those of us that had never tried butter chicken as our peers excitement proved contagious. As such there was no problem convincing everyone to give it (or our vegetarian alternative) a try. Unsurprisingly it was met with rave reviews.

Without wasting a moment, as we put away our plates today’s class teachers arrived with their roll. We split off into our classes of robotics, guitar or yoga, with those remaining spending some free play time with Miss Brittany and the preps.

When we returned 30 or 45 minutes later it was time to get on with our craft. With a focus on completing yesterday’s turtle craft we collected our unfinished work from its place on the side desk and starting colouring, cutting and pasting. It was encouraging to see the dedication that many of us applied to our favourite craft, and to see the result of a multi-day effort at creating something worth putting on the wall. Yaseen in particular impressed with the culmination of his turtle design.

As our productive afternoon entered it final stretch we packed up, gathered our water bottles and headed to the gym. Unsurprisingly the overwhelming desire was for a jump on the trampoline. Everyone enjoyed soaring through the air as they bounced with many of us doing tricks and showing off our skills to our classmates.

When we returned to the room at 6 o’clock we wound down with some quiet free play as we waited to be picked up.

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