Tuesday the 23rd of March, Year Two and Three

Today we got creative and put our colouring and writing skills to the test. For afternoon tea today we enjoyed a delicious butter chicken, everyone loved it! Once our food was finished and everyone’s was full we made our down to the world map to go through today’s activity.

Our activity today was creating kindness cards! Miss Amber printed off a cute picture of a lion that we all had to colour in and make beautiful & then write and decorate the inside how ever we liked. We were able to write our card to whoever we liked, lots of the class wrote our cards to Mum and Dad whereas some of the class wrote the cards for them-self!!!! Everyone wrote really lovely messages to their loved ones in their card, and each one was coloured and written out beautifully!

We then did some catch up craft from last week for the children who weren’t here while the rest of us had a foose ball tournament. We had a really nice and relaxing afternoon & we always enjoy spending quality time with our class mates.

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