Tuesday the 27th of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

This afternoon we spent the afternoon learning about hydroponics and planting our own lettuce plants!

For afternoon tea today we had some Lebanese bread with dip after our traditional fruit platter.

We quickly finished so we could line up and head to the gym where today we were being visited by ‘behind the beanstalk’ to learn about hydroponics! We learned that hydroponics is a way to grow plants in places where there’s no dirt that is capable of growing plants. As a result our first task was to fill special containers with water that will eventually be utilised by the plants roots. Next we grabbed our planting container which had many holes in it, and began filling it with small round rocks that had come all the way from Germany! Then we needed our soil replacement for the plant to sit in, which came in the form of coconut hair. We noticed it looked a lot like dirt but was soft and very light. We made a space in the middle of the pot and used it to plant our lettuce plant. Finally, we placed it in to our set up crates and provided our first batch of plant food. We put our names in them and are excited to track their progress as they grow over the coming week.

When we finally returned to the room we free played with our favourite activities. As 6 oclock approached we played some games and ran our restaurant until our parents arrived.

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