Tuesday the 27th of April, Year Two and Three

This afternoon was a very exciting afternoon for everyone at the Island. We had some special visitors from Beyond The Beanstalk come in to teach us about Hydroponics garden, and how plants grow in water!!!

For afternoon tea we had Lebanese bread with sweet potato and corn dip and veggies, we loved it! We then had some spare time to free play before it was time to head down into the soccer room. Once we arrived we sat down and began to listen about how to create our own hydroponic plant. We began by filling up big tubs that our plants will sit over with water, this is how the roots grow as they search for the water beneath. Then using our small pots that have holes all around it, we filled them halfway with small circle rocks that come all the way from Germany! Second, we filled the rest to the top with a very special soil that is used to promote drainage, just like the rocks too! We then made a small hole in the middle, washed away the leftover soil remaining on the roots of our lettuce and planted them. We added a small tab with our names into the pot and then we began to feed them. Our hydroponic plants need a very special type of feed to help them grow. A few of us got to assist feeding our plants by scooping out the plant food and pouring it into the water.

We then measured our plants on day one so we can continue to measure and fill out the chart to report our little plants growth. The rest of our afternoon was spent jumping around on the trampoline and playing ball games with our friends.

See you tomorrow!

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