Tuesday the 2nd of February Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we welcomed some new students before having a first jump on the trampoline.

We started the day with the introduction of new students to our class! We said a big welcome to Kiara, Amyra and Krishiv. As our class begins to take shape for the year we're excited about all the fun things we can do together.

Pleasant introductions out of the way, we moved on to afternoon tea consisting of fruit and potato bake. It was encouraging to see students who initially didn't want any try a small amount, with most returning to ask for a full serve.

With food out of the way we were raring to have some play time in the room. We continued exploring our new toys with a focus today on the wooden boards. Everyone had a turn using the hammer to knock a piece into place. After an initial flurry of activity the children were encouraged to construct a cohesive image and Ravi stepped up to the plate with a dinosaur and subsequently a robot.

The whole week everyone's been excited to jump on the trampoline and so after a quick packup we headed to the gym.

We enjoyed a long turn where we experimented with how high we could jump, enjoyed playing with the foam blocks and of course tried to learn new tricks. Everyone had a great time and immediately registered their desire to return tomorrow.

Those of us that hadn't been picked up yet returned to the class room for some wind down free play as the older kids joined us. We look forward to meeting some more new students tomorrow!

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