Tuesday the 2nd of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

On our busiest day of the week we had fun at our classes before playing group games in the gym.

To begin the day we washed our hands and sat at the table. On the menu for afternoon tea today was some vegetarian meatballs and assorted vegetables. You know it went down well when even the vegetables are complemented!

We moved quickly anticipating our classes and strived to be ready to go straight away. As our teachers rolled up and started calling names we split into robotics, guitar and yoga class and made a move to our rooms. The few of us leftover enjoyed their stopover with the preps as a welcome change up to the typical free play routine.

As we returned at staggered times, we played with our favourite activities in the downtime before we started todays activity. Many of us gravitated toward the craft table to flex our creative capacity producing love hearts, cats and dogs amongst other things. Yaseen was very proud of his double sided drawing that showcased an encouraging desire to step out of his comfort zone and develop his artistic ability. The three musketeers Ravi, Dev and Krishiv challenged themselves to build the biggest tower they could postulating that using the wall as a brace would lead to their ascension to never before achieved heights. Melissa grabbed the lego solo, patiently choosing the exact pieces she wanted for her vehicle design.

Before long everyone had returned and it was time to move towards the soccer room.

For today’s activity we ran back and forth avoiding being tipped for fear of becoming an octopus that turned on the survivors, making each consecutive trip a harder sea to navigate. Ryan and Advin thrived drifting in and out of obstacles with ease. We followed this with a game of stuck in the coral reef in which a twist was applied to the given setup such that a tipped survivors would be rescued if a teammate could crawl between their legs without getting tipped themselves. Raeesha proved queen of the rescuers.

As 4/5/6 vacated the trampoline we took the chance to have a late jump. Everyone was keen on having a jumping competition and so I adjudicated as one by one we ran and launched ourselves into the foam pit acrobatically. Milan won style points whilst Ryan flew the greatest distance.

With little time to spare we grabbed our things and returned to the room to wind down as we waited to head home.

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