Tuesday the 30th of March, Year Two and Three

This afternoon the Easter fun at the Island well and truly begun! Everyone arrived to the Island from school very eager and excited for this afternoons Easter egg hunt!

For afternoon tea today we had delicious cheese pizza with some of our favourite fruits. Once we had finished afternoon tea some of us moved into our academy classes while the rest of us relaxed and played some fooseball, built buildings with the magnets for did some free hand drawing. As soon as we heard Miss Katie yell out that the hunt was ready, we were straight up and lined up at the door ready to go! We all ran faster than ever before to try and find the most chocolates we could. We were only allowed to find 5 small ones, and one big one so it was fair for everyone playing! After 5 minutes of running around like crazy we all sat down, made sure everyone had a yummy chocolate to eat before we made our way back upstairs.

For the rest of our afternoon we had free play upstairs while we went down in small groups to see the new baby chicks hatching!! We were able to see chicks that had only just cracked out of their shell, and we got to watch a baby chick try and break out of their shell too! We can’t wait to watch the chicks grow!!!

Extra big thank you to Luana for taking some wonderful photos.

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