Tuesday the 6th of April, Navigators & Adventurers

Welcome to the first day of Vacation Care!

We were all very excited this morning to see our friends after a short break, and even more excited to see our friends who only attend vac care. Our morning was pretty relaxed with some free play in the classroom. After a little while we decided as a class we wanted to play some group games in the gym to let out some energy. We started off with bullrush which Robin and Ryan won, best duo ever. After a few games of land - water - sea and pacman we were all pretty hungry and made our way into the Year 2 and 3 room for morning tea. After we had all eaten and our bellies were full we made our way downstairs to being today’s magnetic mayhem activity! We started off by getting into three groups, then we were explained how the activity would work. There were 3000 magnetic blocks, how crazy is that!!!!! Our first task was to create a city and a train station with a long bridge connecting the two. We all worked together really well on this one and it turned out awesome. We then separated into our groups and were given the task to create the biggest building. We took some time to brainstorm and then got to work. Our towers were enormous, and we all learnt that using the smaller triangles inside the tower would hold the structure better and make it stronger. Each tower looked amazing but it was team one that took the crown, congratulations! The best part was knocking it all down and hearing the huge crash. We then packed all the blocks away, said a huge thank you to the team that provided us with today’s activity and made our way upstairs for lunch. After lunch we had some time to relax and watch a movie, or play some quiet games upstairs.

Once we finished watching Shrek, we went into the soccer field to play an epic game of survival tip. Sienna won and all the girls were very proud of her. Some of us enjoyed skateboarding with Mr. Denver and he let everyone who wanted to skate have a try! We spent lots of time on the boards. Then we got to hold the chicks for a long time in the kindy room. We had a great afternoon and are very happy about what we got to do. Everyone is excited for tomorrow! We will see you at the circus light show 😊

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