Tuesday the 8th of June, Year Two and Three

Today in the Year Two and Three classroom we put on our builders hats and created our own campsites using classroom materials.

For afternoon tea we enjoyed fruit followed by a cheesy pasta bake, and we all loved it! We then packed afternoon tea away and sat on the green mat for an explanation on today’s activity. We grouped up with our classmates into groups of 4-5, and were given the task to create our own campsite. We were allowed to use any objects in the classroom too! Om, Riley and Soumik chose to use lego for a sky view of their project, great idea! Nicholas decided to work on his own and created a really awesome project using the fooseball table! Our winners for this project were Luana, Kyra, Grace and Abrianna who created their own camp corner, it was awesome!

We spent the rest of our afternoon completing yesterday’s student profile activity or playing around in the classroom.

See you tomorrow!

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