Tuesday the 9th of February Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we continued to settle in as we completed our activity before a long run around in the gym!

We began the day in typical fashion with a serving of fruit before our chicken, rice and veggie dish or vegetarian alternative. This was probably the afternoon tea where I had the most requests for seconds so it clearly went down a treat.

Our activity today was inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve seen for our wooden board and hammer free play toy. Similar to how we play with the boards, we first decorated our piece of paper with a design, background or picture of our choice before carefully using a pin to poke holes through the paper in the shape of our name. The diversity in the way the kids went about completing their craft was encouraging. Amyra went in a colourful direction, utilising every inch of paper before crafting her name in big letters across the middle. It looked particularly awesome when we held in against a window and light shone through the holes! Katrina by contrast used her rainbow garden drawing as a backdrop for her craft. Haylee also impressed with her neatly drawn family of cats and the self sufficiency she displayed as she poked her name neatly without any help.

By the time we were finished with the craft everyone was more than ready for a run around in the gym. We joined in with some of the older kids to open up the whole gym and so we spread out between the climbing tower, basketball court and of course the trampoline.

As 6 o’clock neared we collected our things and returned to the room, quietly free playing until pick up.

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