Tuesday the 9th of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we enjoyed our classes before getting the chance to be creative with our coral craft.

We had an exciting start to the day as we met Grace our new junior educator that will be helping us out this year! As we handed out fruit the kids enjoyed asking Miss Grace their first questions and getting to know her.

As we moved on to afternoon tea the excitement in the room was palpable. Miss Katie had told us in the gym we were having vanilla yoghurt and this inspired much anticipation. I’m pleased to report that it lived up to the hype, with not a complaint to be heard and most coming back for seconds.

As is tradition on Tuesday, right as we finished our food our yoga teacher showed up to collect her students. Similarly, the guitar teacher collected our musicians and I took our robotics students to class. Those of us that remained were treated with a trip to the gym with Miss Grace and some of the older kids. There they had a chance to run around, climb the climbing tower or jump on the trampoline.

When we returned from class it was time to start our activity. As one of our goals for the remainder of the term we want to develop the kids ability to learn in the more traditional classroom style before our craft to improve the depth with which they can engage with the material. Today this meant sitting on the yellow mat and listening and discussing 17 fun facts about coral reefs. Ryan and Ravi connected closely with the material and showed their existing knowledge as they contributed to the discussion. Next it was time to complete our craft, which was to create our own colourful coral reef! Inspired by what we knew about the immense variety of shapes, colours and textures of coral we were tasked with getting creative to fill in our underwater space. Yaseen started with a big rock from which his coral would grow, expanding the empty areas with long stringy coral branches. Krishiv went for variety using a number of colours all over the page in his coral collage.

We concluded our craft as our parents came to pick us up. Those that finished quietly free played with the LEGO or kitchen equipment.

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