Tuesday the 9th of March, Year Two and Three

Today was a really nice afternoon in the Year Two and Three room! Miss Katie served us a treat for afternoon tea...apple crumble! It was definitely one of our favourite afternoon teas so far. During afternoon tea we spoke about things that happened in our day that made them better, and by hearing other people’s good things it made everyone else’s day a little better too! We also have two wonderful new classmates Kianna and Ashton, we made sure we made them feel super welcome!

We then moved down to the floor but not for a class conversation this time. Today we spent the afternoon playing group games and having lots of fun! We started off with the game splat which Om and Kabier are professionals at, they even got Mr Cam out! After a few rounds of splat we moved onto ‘wink wink.’ After another few rounds of wink wink we had some time to free play and relax. We did tons of building with our magnets and had a fooseball competition!

Once it was getting close to home time we moved our bags downstairs and jumped on the trampoline for 10 minutes until it was time for us to go home.

Dhurag word of the week:

Mitiga, meaning welcome

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