Wednesday 10 March 2021 year 2-3

In year 2-3 we began the afternoon with beef stroganoff. Everyone loved it! It had veggies on top to give us vitamins & lots of sauce/meat for flavor.

As soon as we were done eating, we rushed to the mat to begin the planned afternoon activity. The class divided themselves in groups of 4 for a creative, acting game. What the teams had to do is create a skit in a 15 minute time frame about a dinosaurs life, from when they were a baby to an adult dinosaur. Each group did an amazing job working together! The team that worked together & had the best presentation won a sticker on the chart. This was group one, which consisted of one of our new friends Kianna, Abrianna, Serena & Jonah. Jonah was the narrator of the skit & the girls were the actresses, pretending to be dinosaurs.

After each group performed their skit, we had a quick group discussion about what we learned from this team work activity. For example, Group 4 nearly won but because they weren’t working together great their performance did not win. Joubin said he learned “Even though you don’t win something, you don’t have to be upset because we all still tried our best and had fun.” Kabier added that in order to have good team work, “you have to listen to each other’s ideas.”

We had a great afternoon learning about team work, being creative & playing together. To finish off the afternoon we drew portraits of each other & among us characters, played with magnet blocks & fooseball. See you all tomorrow!

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