Wednesday 18th of November

Year 1 enjoyed a gym day today. We gobbled down a delicious afternoon tea of fruit and pasta to maximize the time we had to have a run around, grabbed our drink bottles and headed straight for the soccer room.

We started with 4 corners - a game in which the corners of the room are numbered before someone counts down from 5 and chooses a corner without looking, condemning all that stand there to join the ‘out’ section. An underdog victory saw Ravi win game one before Jonah won a sweeping victory.

We moved on to ‘red light, green light’ the classic game where one person stands with their back to the group as people rush towards them before turning around to catch the chasers. Ethan did well initially to hang on to control before a second game in which Abrianna held off the hoard for a significant time before being knocked off her perch.

It’s not often we go to the gym without playing at least a round of ‘land, water, sea’, an exciting running game. Nicholas came within one race of winning twice in a row!

Finally, we combined with year 2 for our favorite and much awaited ‘survival tip’ before returning to the room for some free play as we were getting picked up.

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