Wednesday 25th November, 2020

Today we had a very interactive day in year 4, 5, & 6! We had yummy spring rolls which everyone devoured very quickly! We then decided to play handball, free play, go up stairs to see the tic tac shop in year 3, and play among us!

We again played handball today! Everyone has been so keen to play handball. The girls loved learning the rules and playing against the boys! Dana is the bravest to play against the boys!

Some of those who did not want to play the competition of hand ball decided to free play! They did cross words and played trivia! If they answered or guessed wrong they would get snowballs dropped on their head! Luckily Amelia didn’t!

Some of us then went upstairs to see and enjoy what year 3 has been doing! They have been doing a tic tac shop where they sell origami!

We then joined year 3 to play a massive game of among us! They worked together to find the imposter! Wesley and Artin were very quick to guess! Sophie was good at hiding that she was the imposter!

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