Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

Today we had an intellectual and active day! The children enjoyed spending time in the room reading books, telling jokes, playing handball, and playing Group games in the gym!

We started the day off by having some cracker jokes and riddles by Eddie, Aidan, Wesley, Annika, Amaan, and Arnaav! We then enjoyed some free play! Wesley, Daniel, and Eddie wanted to take It easy so they read some books! We’ve been loving the addition of books in our room!

Those who had heaps of energy enjoyed an intensive game of handball! Ethan was very serious. Artin never got out of the game he was the MVP! Dana had a go at versing the boys and did so well!

Oliver, Annika, Sophie, and Evie set up a pretend school and gave themselves pretend names! They enjoyed the abundance of books and had a mini library set up! Ollie was the librarian!

We then decided together to going with year 3 in the soccer room to play a big game of Red Rover and Capture the flag! For capture the flag we did boys versus girls! It was a hard game there was a lot of effort from both sides but the boys won! Then we played a game suggested by Madison in year 3 called Red Rover!

We had a great day and everyone played fairly! We enjoyed our time together today.

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