Wednesday 9th of December

This Afternoon Kiara was chosen to read the acknowledgment to country infront of the island as we do every day, Kiara was Able to recite the Whole acknowledgment without even needing the Script. Kiara read with great confidence and pride!

Miss denise then called up all students who had received an award at school today. the recipients were filled year kindys and year ones! Miss Alana was super proud of everyone’s hard work throughout the year. Karate held a ceremony in the gym to congratulate all students for participating in karate this year and awarded the students With medals, certificates and their new belts for progressing through grading.

When we returned to the classroom we had some yummy sandwiches and Everyone besides Poppy and Jonah attended karate !

Jonah, Poppy and Miss Alana enjoyed some Christmas carols and colouring in.

When karate students returned the boys all played together with the lego and Jonah enjoyed the kitchen.this afternoon was a wonderful day full of achievement.

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