Wednesday 9th of December

Year 2 got into the Christmas spirit today.

We started the day in wholesome fashion as we handed out a number of awards. First, students who had picked up awards at school assemblies showed us their achievement before our karate instructors handed out a medal and new belt to everyone who trained with them throughout the year.

Following this we had a quick afternoon tea before all our karate kids went back to the gym for today’s class. This left only a few of us and so we took the opportunity that having low numbers provided to have an early jump on the trampoline. Luke and Ishi displayed their athleticism as they ran up and down the trampolines while Grace and Anushka tried to bounce each other as high as they could.

When our karate kids returned we launched into our activity for today which consisted of a snow globe colouring in for the kids to personalize. Everyone took care to ensure theirs looked the best it could. Ishi and Kiara in particular took the time consuming but detailed route to produce a really great drawing.

Finally, we returned to the gym, joining with the older kids to burn any excess energy before heading home.

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