Wednesday April 28, 2021

Today in year 2-3 we continued our campfire theme! Our class loves the new terms theme because there are lots of cool thing to learn about camping and lots of fun things to do like eating s’mores! It is going to be a great few weeks ahead of us. Let’s go year 2-3!

We started off the afternoon with paella . Once we were finished, everyone got straight into the campfire craft. We used cray paper to make collage camp fires. Some of us used markers or paint as well! A lot of us drew marshmallows roasting in the fire, which we are looking forward to doing in real life in the near future. The teachers were impressed with our creativity. Riley coloured in lots of different coloured flames, like blue and green. Jayden used blue scrap paper to frame his flames.

We had a great time being creative. Once we finished craft, everyone had a dance party for the rest of the afternoon! It was awesome! Can’t wait for tomorrow with our class 😃

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