Wednesday, Nov 25 2020

Today year 1 & kindy had a blast together! We had a new teacher, and so that was very exciting. It was Miss. Kaylah’s first time teaching year one. Since it was her first time in this classroom, Ryan was her little helper.

We began the afternoon by eating spring rolls, which we all loved. The sweet chili sauce was a bit hot for some of us, but most of us loved it! While most of the boys went to karate, we all played legos together! We took turns making different shapes & objects, like snowmen. During our LEGO creation making, Miss. Kaylah told jokes & lots of riddles. Ava told jokes too! She had some great ones.

After the boys came back from Karate, we played some of our restaurant game & made food for each other. We used our creative skills to make up interesting food dishes to share with our friends. How fun! We had a fun afternoon spending time together, building, creating & laughing!

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