Wednesday the 10th of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today we made some cool clawed crustaceans before engaging in some physical activity in the gym.

As we walked in from washing our hands today we were met with the usual fruit along with beef stroganoff for afternoon tea! Some of us were hesitant to try some as we’d never had it before and hilariously because the name sounded funny/unappealing. Regardless almost all of us ended up trying and for the most part discovering we did in fact like the taste.

As we put our bowls away those of us who are enrolled in classes migrated to their room.

The rest of us got a start on today’s activity. Our focus today turned to another creature that calls the ocean home - the crab. As we have been making an effort to do, we began with a discussion of what we knew centring around 5 fun facts. The kids were enthusiastic and engaged as we bounced conversation off each other. Next we tied in our craft. Being given a template the kids were asked to decorate their crab any way they pleased. Ryan was the first to finish his colouring and stick his crab together, however we were soon reminded of a problem this conjures as when I looked over at his crab it looked more like a red, one eyed bag! Ryan was very proud of his innovation and showed it to the class so they could share in our laughter. I had to dissuade a wave of copycats that clearly felt inspired by the design. Amongst the more regular crabs Dev dedicated an awesome amount of effort to his crab and it paid off with a highly polished finished product. I was similarly encouraged by Justin and Jason who pushed through their hesitancy and produce very admirable designs.

The craft proved to be time consuming and so before many of us had finished we called time on the activity and rotated to the gym. Once again we enjoyed doing tricks and jumping into the foam pit athletically. After a solid amount of time we had to return to the front room. There we played quietly awaiting pickup.

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