Wednesday the 12th of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon in the Two and Three classroom Miss Kaylah taught us a little bit about her American culture, in the most delicious way possible!

For afternoon tea we enjoyed fruit along with some meatballs with red sauce and vegetables, so yummy! We then packed away our plates and sat back down to listen to Miss Kaylah’s instruction, and watch a demonstration on how to make s’mores!! We started by melting the marshmallow, followed by laying the chocolate onto the biscuit for the marshmallow to go on top. We quickly learnt that the marshmallow was so sticky our fingers were sticking together, but it was so worth it!

While we were waiting for more marshmallows to melt we listened to some campfire stories from Ava, Joubin, Luke and Nicholas. They were really awesome stories, most of them spooky ones too. Once we had all eaten our delicious treat we had some time left to free play in the classroom until it was time to head home.

See you tomorrow!

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